Unbound Finance

Borrow USD-Pegged UND Stablecoin at 0% Interest Using Concentrated Liquidity Positions and LP Tokens as Collateral

One place to



Collateralize your locked liquidity on decentralized exchanges toborrow UND stablecoin


Borrow UND at 0% interest


Earn rewards byadding liquidity to theUND pool


Repay the UND loananytime to unlock your collateralized assets




Zero Interest Borrowing

Borrow UND stablecoin at 0% interest rates


Repay your loan anytime for ultimate control and convenience

Automated Farming Rewards

Earn LP mining rewards automatically while your collateralized assets work for you

The world of DeFi is always growing and so is Unbound

  1. Research and ideation for Unbound begins.
  2. First draft of the whitepaper is released.
  3. Development of proof of concept kicks off.
  4. Protocol is pitched to OGS for feedback.
  5. Official registration of the Unbound Finance domain name.
  6. Release of the inaugural official whitepaper.
  7. Unbound releases its application and landing page.
  8. Unbound launches Zeta Testnet.
  9. Unbound Finance closes its first round of investment.
  10. Unbound debuts the first-ever Cross-Chain stablecoin UND on Polygon.
  11. Unbound unveils its initial official Roadmap.
  12. Unbound partners with Harmony
  13. Unbound Sandbox mainnet live on Ethereum
  14. Unbound goes live on Ethereum mainnet
  15. Unbound partners with Kyber Network
  16. Unbound partners with Avalanche blockchain
  17. Unbound IDO on Polkastarter commences
  18. IEO commences on HuobiGlobal
  19. UNB staking live on Kucoin
  20. UNB deposits and withdrawals available on MEXC
  21. UNB flexible promotion live
  22. Unbound on-chain staking live on Ethereum and BSC
  23. Unbound partners with Quickswap
  24. Unbound goes live on Polygon mainnet
  25. Unbound partners with Quickswap
  26. Unbound launches on Fantom testnet Alpha version
  27. Unbound goes live on BSC mainnet
  28. $UNB on-chain staking live on Polygon
  29. Unbound partners with DFYN
  30. Unbound live on BNB chain
  31. UND-USDC pool live on Kyberswap
  32. $UNB Flexible staking live on Kucoin
  33. Unbound partners with Pangolin
  34. Unbound live on Avalanche mainnet
  35. Unbound partners with Router protocol
  36. Unbound partners with Multichain
  37. Unbound live on Fantom mainnet
  38. Unbound V2 public testnet live
  39. Unbound live on Lens protocol
  40. Unbound V2 testnet phase 2 live
  41. Unbound partners with Defiedge
  42. Unbound V2 Second Security Audit completed
  43. UNB ready and live for trading on Changelly
  44. Unbound partners with Changelly
  45. Unbound V2 live on Arbitrum mainnet
  46. Unbound partners with Arbidex
  47. UNB transfers into an OFT through integration with LayerZero
  48. UNB bridging live on Stargate Finance
  49. Unbound server launched on Discord
  50. Website and application revamped for an enhanced user experience.


UND functions as the native stablecoin within the Unbound ecosystem. This ERC-20 token is backed by liquidity and exhibits a soft peg to the US dollar, promoting stability and utility. It also leverages decentralized elements to achieve price stability while facilitating cross-chain compatibility.



At the core of Unbound Finance lies the UNB Token, serving as the backbone for governance. It empowers holders to vote on platform development and actively participate in decentralized decision-making through the Unbound DAO.

Where To Buy/Sell/Trade $UNB?

Decentralized Exchanges

Centralized Exchanges

Bridge UNB


The Unbound DAO

As a community-owned protocol, Unbound Governance empowers UNB token holders to influence the protocol's direction. Each token holder plays an important role in shaping the protocol's future by participating in voting on all protocol decisions. The combined voices of token holders steer the protocol's development, ensuring it remains aligned with the community's values and aspirations.